Felisha Carenage

Ashes & María

Installative paintings and performances playing with archipelagos’ global intimacies.

Himmelsleiter and Ashes, after Steve McQueen and La Soufriére, are personal reconnections with forms of death and destruction that are inextricable from island living, which are undertaken by referencing mental health crises, gun violence and natural disasters.

The Maria works are collaborations between Felisha Carenage, Luiza Furtado and Anne Meerpohl. The aqueous Maria is a changeable figure who serves as the artistic alter ego of the three painters. In this way, they deal with care-work, friendship, sexual capital and memory.

Maria: Miradores

Invited by the Museum am Rothenbaum to intervene on the theme of Der, Die, Das Tod, which accompanies this year’s Dia de los Muertos festival, Santa Maria Paraffina: Miradores de la Viuda deals with gender (non)specific forms of mourning and death. [more]

Photo: Felisha Carenage



ASHES II (after La Soufriére), 2021-22 120x160cm Acrylic and Charcoal on Linen

Maria Concepcíon

Shown at Santa Maria Paraffina, a group exhibition with Anne Meerpohl and Luiza Furtado, part of Cake & Cash’s summer program at MOM, Hamburg. To read about the exhibition, see Katrin Krumm at GalleryTalk.Net. [more]

Photo: Anne Meerpohl


Révanchisme and suicidal ideation. [more]