Felisha Carenage


HEIMATSCHUTZ: Traces of Empire in Schleswig-Holstein's Harbour Cities (2021–2023). A postgraduate project in cooperation with Flensburg Postcolonial, Kiel Postcolonial and the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts.

HEIMATSCHUTZ: Koloniale Kontinuitäten in den Hafenstädten Schleswig-Holsteins (2021–2023). Ein Postgraduiertes Projekt in Zusammenarbeit mit Flensburg Postkolonial, Kiel Postkolonial und der Muthesius Kunsthochschule.

🔥Winnetou ist n Splasher!🔥

What’s innocence and what’s childhood? Who gets to poke fun, and who gains what by embracing othering tropes?In 🔥Winnetou ist n Splasher!🔥 Felisha Carenage confronts the fictions that defined her socialisation at an art school in northern germany, to which her natural personhood was bound for a decade. These fictions are inherited myths of cultural agency that entangle landscapes, language, dress and the inviolability of europeanised childhood.  [more]

Luisa Ascending

Luisa Ascending is a Passiontide exhibition that is an exploration of Luisa Calderón’s story, tracing suffering, pathos and identity in a decolonial context. [more]

Photo: Eiko Wenzel


Architecture, Salonability and the Exotic circa 1773 2023. Hauntologies in the 1773 Exhibition [more]

Photo: Matthias Friedemann für Stadtmuseum Warleberger Hof


Elegies: Postcolonial Postcards is an exploration of architecture, consumption, lifestyles, memory culture and its associated emotions. Citing the colour and form of movement in urban space, the selected motifs draw attention to the colonial past and dynamic present of certain spaces in Flensburg. [more]