Felisha Carenage

Drawing Breath

Textiles and works on paper exploring gendered and racialised violence in public and private space. Originally developed as Parade Créole, working with feminist collectives and spaces.

Anna & Frantz

Garments produced after Anna Muthesius' concept of Eigenkleider, likening Muthesius' ideal form to Frantz Fanon's White Masks. [more]

Photo: S. Grigorieva


Research into one of four Eigenkleider, produced for Dr. Ayesha Prout.  [more]

Photo: Benjamin Unterluggauer


Archive created to play with gendered themes of autonomy in Frantz Fanon's Black Skin, White Masks. [more]

Photo: S. Grigorieva

The Problem of the Page

Research Aesthetics in the original Parade Créole exhibition. [more]

Print of a digital Scan of Anna Muthesius' Das Eigenkleid der Frau, ca. 130 A4 sheets of recycled paper, bound with a medium bulldog clip. Annotated in coloured pencil by the artist. Displayed with cosmetic gloves for perusal. Photo: S. Grigorieva

Drawing Breath

Drawing Breath – Notes on Parade Créole is the documentation of an experimental dress project. Using the medium of drawing, it maps the emotional aspect of making artworks for and about compromised, precarious bodies. [more]

Photo: Insa Kühlcke-Schmoldt


Patricia chez soi. Embroidered and printed tapestries. Products of a Loneliness Factory (Einsamkeitsfabrik) [more]

Photo: Juan Dunworth