Felisha Carenage

When Creole and Spanish Collide

When Creole and Spanish Collide: Language and Cultural Contact in the Caribbean

Generations of West Indian migrants have long called Central America home. The descendants of these Creole English speakers live in communal enclaves along the Caribbean coast of Central America, where their Creole heritage and language are in contact zones with Spanish language and culture. When Creoles and Spanish Collide: Language and Culture in the Caribbean presents contemporary insight into these intra-Caribbean diasporic communities on how they grapple with evolving Creole identity and representation, language contact, language endangerment, and linguistic discrimination. Communal resilience oftentimes manifests itself via linguistic innovation and creativity. Editors Glenda-Alicia Leung and Miki Loschky showcase the scholarship of emerging and established regional and transatlantic scholars in When Creoles and Spanish Collide, which serves as a decolonizing research space.

Volume Editors: Glenda-Alicia Leung and Miki Loschky
ISBN: 978-90-04-46013-3
Brill, Leiden
May 2021